Who knew when I started a journey one year ago that would change my life forever, I would finally be able to answer and list my ‘I Am’.  Here’s to learning to LIVE!  

This was my reflection to the freshman students at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School.

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Fourth Movement: My shirt doesn’t fit and I don’t give a damn!

Now on to the rollicking finale. The final movement is usually fast and furious, showing off the virtuosic prowess of the orchestra. This finale is usually quite light in character — that is, it doesn’t have a great deal of emotional depth. The finale’s much more concerned with having a good time. But wait — there’s more! Very often, this final movement is in rondo form. Yes, this last movement has a substructure of its own.

Music is God and Food is Life. Together they sustained me and opened my eyes. 

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Third Movement: Michael

This is the story of my father, Michael Morton.  This isn’t a sad story, but one about real life.

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Second Movement: The Mother Bird

The second movement is usually slow and lyrical, with a lilting, songlike theme. No battle-of-the-sexes melody thing goes on here, and the structure can be looser than in the first movement. Sit back and drink it in.

Note from The Fast Forward Blog: For Mother’s Day, I always feature a guest writer.  In keeping with the theme of the symphony.  The solo performance is from my mother, Debra.  Read More

First Movement: When I Die…

First movement: brisk and lively. The first movement of a symphony usually has a structure called sonata form.

My heaven will be when as a little girl stealing sips of Cafe Bustelo with my crazy, loud, and loving Puerto Rican family at my Grandma Carmen’s dining table.

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Symphony No. 36

When we are born, we start assembling a symphony of life where the instruments are the people that add richness to our stories.  They are part of life’s twists and turns like the movements in a symphony that are highlighted by crescendos and decrescendos.The conductor steps on the stage, and with a final push the doctor announces…It’s a girl!

Why does the conductor shake the hand of the violinist before the concert begins? The conductor is acknowledging the concertmaster, who is the leader of the violins and a vital part of the orchestra leadership. Our concertmaster is Lauren Morton.



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The “Flaw” At The Door

When I started looking for a new home I sent a carefully constructed list to my realtor of “must haves” and “nonnegotiable” things. For example, I refused to do street parking or yard work.

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The 400 Sight Word Club

Nervousness and excitement came over me as I approached the classroom door.  I peered through the little window in the door, and saw about 24 little faces sitting in their little desks working diligently in Ms. Johnson’s 1st Grade Class.  The thought came through my mind if they would like me?  Can you imagine, a 36 year old woman wondering if a class full of 1st graders would welcome my presence?  Finally, I knocked on the door.  My nephew looked up and his face lit up.  I took the first step into my reentry into the 1st Grade, as the self-appointed Class Auntie. Read More

The Thankful Fear

“Our emotions have a vibratory frequency to them. There are only 2 emotions that humankind experiences, Fear and Love. All other emotions branch either directly or indirectly from these 2 emotions….”
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