The 8%

In the midst of holiday partying, holiday shopping, holiday cocktails, and LOTS of holiday TV specials…we have the indulgent brownie, and have that holiday party hangover that reminds us that we aren’t 20 anymore.  We resolve that when the clock strikes midnight to welcome the New  Year, we will make a list of resolutions in our head, on paper, in journals that we are going to lose that 20 pounds, spend less and save more, get organized.  We post on our social media, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME!”. Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to deliver the bad news.  We won’t.  Quite frankly, humanity sucks at resolutions.  Only 8% of us succeed.  8%!!!! On the school grading scale, that’s a failing grade.  We suck year after year.

When I heard about the percentage rate of success, I reflected on my yearly resolutions that I made and didn’t complete.  The woman, the incessant list maker, didn’t complete them year after year.  Since, I am my own worst critic I refused to fail in the class called Life 101.  I quit my high-powered job in 2014, and stuck my nose up to resolutions for Life 201. After all, I was living life differently.  They were so juvenile compared to Life 201.  Besides, if I was going to keep failing maybe I needed to try a new approach.

In 2015, I decided on 11 intentions thinking that it was more sophisticated than resolutions.  More purposeful.  More intentional.  Guess what, folks…they are the exact same thing(Cue Shakespeare…a rose by any other name) I only completed 6 out of 11.  I was headed towards a solid D-.  Okay, that’s progress, right?

In September, our Priest gave each parishioner a wooden coin at the Parish Ministry Fair.  On the back of the coin, it said  “Tuit”.  He asked us “What do we have on our ‘get round to it’ list?” and “When are we move them to completed?” Call it Catholic guilt.  I refused to receive a failing grade another year.  That Sunday, I accepted the challenge.  Divine Intervention?  I’m not a getting round to it girl, I am a doer, Dammit!

As I was sharing my ‘a ha’ moment with a few people, they all stated very sternly “Sounds like you have work to do.”  With a period, not a question mark. Geez, these folks are ruthless.  I pushed away the stacks of books on my nightstand, and started a new reading list.

I sought out tutors, and I’m accountable to them and now you all.  I will be in the 8%!  Nose pointed up in the air. My resolutions for 2016:

 ‘The Year of Getting Around to It’ 

  • Do what brings me joy!
  • Do what is scary…(takes me out of my comfort zone)
  • Saying ‘No’ isn’t a bad word…it’s necessary!
  • Seek the Spirit of Ellie…cause she’s a BADASS!!!!

I know, I know, I know  I called them resolutions.  You didn’t have to point it out.  Just hold me accountable…you do your job, and I will do mine.  Let’s not focus on semantics. 


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