“If you’re happy and you know it…”

We are going to play a quick game.  Raise your hand if you could quit your job tomorrow, you would.  If you are reading this from a smartphone…raising a finger will suffice. Which one you raise is between you and the smartphone. If you raised your hand, Congratulations!  You are in the club with 70% of people who hate their jobs. A 2013 study conducted by Gallup, found that 70% of American workers were unsatisfied with their jobs.  Regardless of income level, education level, marital status people, or industry… people are unhappy at work.
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Kindergarten in Bongoland

Yo estoy en jardín de infancia y tengo 35 años.

There is one thing that is true… I am bit of an overachiever. I decided to spend my vacation taking a full language immersion program. Six hours a day of nothing but hearing, speaking, and reading in Spanish. What I thought would be just nine days of language immersion leaving with full fluency. (I said that I was an overachiever. It would also appear that I’m unrealistic.) The trip turned into nine days of an adventure in Samara, Costa Rica in a place we will now call Bongoland. Read More