A note from her expecting child…

From a special guest-

Dear Mom,

What’s your secret?!?  How did you manage to love me, nurture me, and teach me when your heart was heavy; when the storms of life were too much to bear?  How did you pay for food, water, shelter and school trips, Girl Scout experiences, frilly dresses and those Guess jeans I just had to have when you weren’t getting any help?  How did you stay strong for so long?  How did you do it?!?  All that I am and all that I become I owe to you – every degree, accolade, kudos and honor is all YOURS!  You did damn well! 
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A collective note of thanks…

To Our Dear Mom,

We had a hard time finding the right words to write about our moms.  We aren’t quite sure this will suffice, but as your sons and daughters this is our best attempt.  Here we go… Read More