A collective note of thanks…

To Our Dear Mom,

We had a hard time finding the right words to write about our moms.  We aren’t quite sure this will suffice, but as your sons and daughters this is our best attempt.  Here we go…

When you found out that we were coming, God chose us especially for you.  We came into this world, the child of a woman that was getting her “fairy tale”.  You embraced the gift with such love, and ultimately great sacrifice.  Things changed…you made a decision that changed our relationship forever.  You made the decision to end an unhealthy relationship, because the love and protection of your baby mattered infinitely more.  It wasn’t how you pictured your life, but you embraced the picture that was in front of you to raise us.  That love and protection has shaped us in ways that we will never be able to articulate.

We think about the woman who had to raise an indignant toddler, a pre-teen child, needs that were greater than the size of the bank account, and trying to make sure that we had a life that allowed us to experience without boundaries. Perhaps it was your way of protecting us from the sacrifices you were making to raise us.  We never felt that sacrifice was a burden.  In fact, that sacrifice profoundly shaped us into your sons and daughters.  You always made sure that we had food on our table, even when you went without a meal.  We always had clothes on our back, even when it is paid with your last dollar.  You made sure we always felt love.  As we look back on our childhoods, we are honestly in awe.  What you did for us is Herculean, She-Ra, Wonder Woman-ish, badass. Ok, please don’t give us a side-eye for the cussing. It’s used for effect.  As your 30-something year old children, we find it difficult to juggle our jobs, extracurricular life, and adult responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed.  Please tell us, How in the world did you do it and take care of children???  We are exhausted and overwhelmed at the thought.

For many of us, you did this without a present or truly committed partner.  You did give us a small village.  You taught us that love for self and family outweighs everything.  Who we have become is a direct reflection of the small and large sacrifices that you made for us.  Some of those sacrifices, we will NEVER know.

We hope and pray that we have made you proud.  We are truly proud and honored that you accepted the gift to be our mother.

With abundant love and gratitude,

Your children

PS: This note is from a collection of thoughts and words from friends raised by single mothers.

3 thoughts on “A collective note of thanks…

  1. Loved this a lot. You mom is awesome and worthy of all the adoration love you can give(and some).


    1. She is awesome! Definitely interesting to read the notes that my friends sent back for this post. We have similar thoughts and words for our moms. It was good for us to share with each other.


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