The Light Switch

imageMy Dearest,

It was a beautiful and loving relationship. We were deeply committed to each other. A deep commitment. 220 nights together, 12 cities, big events, small events, stars that are now household names, and stars who spent their last moments with us. We shared our first concert together at The Fox Theater to see Prince, we flew from Miami to a smoky nightclub in Toronto to see Jose James, the first time we saw The Roots was at a small club in Dallas for $25, for our 19th show with The Roots we paid $150 (btw, they are now the house band for Jimmy Fallon), and shared a quiet, magical night for Prince’s last live performance. You comforted me when tears streamed down my face when Stevie Wonder, my FAVORITE artist, hit his first notes on his recent tour in 2014.

 I’m not sure if it is I who has changed or you. Things are different.

I took a friend’s ticket to see The Formation Tour for Beyoncé’s recent album. That night we came to an understanding that our loving relationship of 18 years might be coming to an end. I thought I was the perfect serious live music partner; however, I feel as though I need to move on. It was a like a light switch.

When did it happen? Perhaps, it started when on Friday nights I was more excited to order a pizza from Domino’s, open a bottle of wine, and find a movie on Netflix. That type of Friday night sounded infinitely more appealing than putting on a “freakum” dress and stacked heels. Our Friday night adventures of hearing the latest sounds and packing a nightclub for the newest artist, just didn’t excite me anymore. You kept inviting me by luring me with my favorite live artists, and I had lost interest. It was like a light switch.

When did it happen? Maybe it was the time that I started finding joy in sitting with a new crowd with a great music soundtrack playing in the background to punctuate the night. We found fun and joy sitting at a dining room table or a restaurant bar having good food, good cocktails, and jokes instead of the hottest ticket in town. I found myself sitting at the bars watching your new friends heading out to the new hot ticket, and feeling no envy or jealousy because I wasn’t there. I drove past the lines and bustling crowds in my car, and thought “Better them than me.” Quite frankly, I didn’t care that you started hanging out with new friends. It was like a light switch.

Like a light switch we ended our relationship. Like a light switch, I just didn’t belong. I found myself annoyed the last time we were together. Your new friends were invading our space and closeness with each other as I watched people lip syncing into Snapchat videos, hours of watching people’s phone screens record a great performance to be uploaded on YouTube or other social media sites. People weren’t interested in the experience and joy of the live music. The togetherness. The shared community. You have changed. I have changed. We don’t hate each other, and will see each other from time to time. Our time together and the great memories are forever implanted on my heart and mind. We will now be those friends that awkwardly hug each other a little too long when we see each other. We will know that the memory will never die, but we can no longer be. The thrill is gone…nothing compares to you…I’ll be loving you always. Like a light switch…we just turned off. No dimming of the lights. No fading to black. Like a light…we are off.







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