For your consideration.


Dear Time Magazine-

Each year the world waits with much anticipation for the revealing of Time’s “Person of the Year”.  Many of history’s greatest leaders, thinkers, villains, and game-changers have found themselves on the list.  I will assume that you have narrowed your 2016 list down to the final three, and you are most likely waiting for the outcome of the November elections.  25 Days….Thank God!!! 

If I may, please consider this a submission for your consideration.

Since 1927, Time Magazine has announced to the world the “Person of the Year”, which was called “Man of the Year” until 1999.  It is true that women have been named to this prestigious list as individuals or part of a collective group, there is a person and/or group of people that have been surprisingly absent from the list. Who is that you ask?  The black woman.  Even Oprah Winfrey hasn’t made the list!

In our hashtag society, it would be a surprise to me if you haven’t seen #blackgirlmagic on your social media posts or heard used in casual conversation.  You might have found yourself inquiring silently or out loud what exactly does it mean?  In simple terms, it is our way of collectively congratulating each other.  The reality is that we often don’t receive our due recognition or seat at the table; however, these women have been behind many of our world’s greatest moments and healed wounds after our historic tragedies.  This group of women have kept their heads down and taken the obstacles that society has thrown at them, AND still endured with a peaceful strength that many will never understand.  From Sarah Bartmann to Josephine Baker, from Harriett Tubman to Bree Newsome…this group of women have silently turned tragedy into triumph.  Correction, they are single-handily the definition of tragedy turned TRIUMPH…turned lemons into Lemonade.

In 2016, Black women have created their own table not because they don’t want to join in with others, it is actually the opposite. They haven’t been given the same opportunity or even been invited to sit at the table for the entire meal and the post-meal conversation.

To assist your team with fast-tracking this nomination for consideration, you will find a list of accomplishments and game-changing actions that make 2016 Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” THE BLACK WOMAN.

  • A 2016 report named black women as the most educated group in the United States. #blackgirlmagic
  • We made history at Indiana University where eight (8) black women received PhDs.  In addition to the number of college, graduate, and doctorate degrees awarded to black women this past academic year. #blackgirlmagic
  • We have won awards for ground-breaking television performances in front and behind the camera. #blackgirlmagic
  • We have made movies, started television networks, and developed production companies to give aspiring little girls and boys the opportunity to live out their dreams.  #blackgirlmagic
  • We have made a nation pause, talk, debate, reflect, and challenge structural and institutional racism. #blackgirlmagic
  • We have made history in STEM with Black Girls Code, cancer research, and educating young minds to pursue careers in science and technology. #blackgirlmagic
  • We made HISTORY at the 2016 Rio Olympics in aquatics, gymnastics, judo, and track & field. #blackgirlmagic
  • We have drive and ambition, but aren’t given opportunities to get promoted.  We make $0.63 for equal work.  We have taken our brain power and intelligence and creating our own businesses.  #blackgirlmagic
  • We have stated loud what we are desiring in love and life from our partners, friends, and anyone that will listen. #blackgirlmagic

This is should give you enough to let this group sit at the table as a nominee. If not, that is fine.  We will still stand up and clap for each other ’cause we are magic!   This has truly been our year, and it’s only October.


Many Thanks,




5 thoughts on “For your consideration.

  1. we do so much and still are treated like we are at the bottom of the ladder. Like always, we keep on doing our best and succeeding. Recognize ourselves!!!! #blackgirlmagic


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