The Thankful Fear

“Our emotions have a vibratory frequency to them. There are only 2 emotions that humankind experiences, Fear and Love. All other emotions branch either directly or indirectly from these 2 emotions….”
– “Love” by Erykah Badu

A slight fear came over me as I boarded the plane to spend Thanksgiving holiday with a long time friend in Berlin. Before I make it to Berlin, I have a jam-packed stay in Brussels. I was making the journey alone

I recognize this fear, I can name this fear because it’s a fear that I have been standing with for a little over two years. It’s not a fear like one experiences when they are approaching danger, it’s a fear of knowing that you have to just GO FOR IT. A fear that you are breaking conventional thoughts and behaviors about what you think about yourself, and a fear that you are going to see some difficult things along the way. A fear of going up. The fear that shows at your door to accompany freedom when it arrives.

I am thankful for this fear. This fear taught me to be a better friend, daughter, sister, and aunt. This fear made me so thankful for the small and big experiences in my life. The moments that made me cry in gratitude at the blessings in my life that cannot be adequately explained. The words and messages encouraged me and pushed me to make me grow.

I am in humble gratitude for your love and support as freedom has shown up at my door. I thank you for praying for me and encouraging me to have the courage to face each fear, and opening the door a little wider to let freedom walk through.

Fear showed me a deeper feeling of love and embracing…Liberté!


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