Symphony No. 36

When we are born, we start assembling a symphony of life where the instruments are the people that add richness to our stories.  They are part of life’s twists and turns like the movements in a symphony that are highlighted by crescendos and decrescendos.The conductor steps on the stage, and with a final push the doctor announces…It’s a girl!

Why does the conductor shake the hand of the violinist before the concert begins? The conductor is acknowledging the concertmaster, who is the leader of the violins and a vital part of the orchestra leadership. Our concertmaster is Lauren Morton.




I was born on a Friday evening to Debra and Michael Morton.  From the beginning, you could say, that I colored outside the lines.  My mother was in labor and I fell asleep in the birth canal. If you know me, this shouldn’t be a big surprise.  Cue the quiet violin playing.  My mother will share that raising me was interesting because I was always clear about what I wanted in my life.  The little girl whose mother told her that she could be anything she wanted as long as I was the best that I could be at it.  Debra supported her daughter who was most comfortable color outside the lines, playing a nontraditional musical movement, and going her own way.

One Friday afternoon, a little 4-year-old was dancing in the mirror in her own little dream world.  The phone rings and my mother answers.  I stop and turned around as she fills the air with a scream that I had never heard before.  A scream and uncontrollable sobs that were an indicator that something wasn’t right.  That call was my first real memory because my Titi Barbara Rodriguez had been killed by her boyfriend.

In that moment, God stepped to the podium and tapped His baton and signaled to me. 

My family was never the same.  I was never the same. The overture ends with me wiping away my mother’s tears.

These past few months building our company, I have been more reflective about the experiences that have shaped me. The experiences that have impacted me in ways that I didn’t know…that were explained in other ways.  These experiences and reflections play a role in my bold actions in my career, the way I approach matters of the heart, and what motivates me personally and professionally. Over the next few weeks, I am taking you on a musical journey…







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