Who knew when I started a journey one year ago that would change my life forever, I would finally be able to answer and list my ‘I Am’.  Here’s to learning to LIVE!  

This was my reflection to the freshman students at Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School.

I Am….the daughter of Debra and Michael. 

I Am…a product of a single parent home. 

I Am….a reader, lover of music, and serious Wonder Woman fan 

I Am…a lover of adventure. 

I Am…the daughter of a formerly incarcerated heroin addict. 

The journey of life becomes our I Am. As the quote we heard today reminds us, it is two of the most powerful words…use what you place after them wisely. They shape who you are. They shape the perception that other people may have about you. 

What follows after your I Am will evolve and let them. Who you are today may not be who you always will be. Today, your I Am is…a freshman student at Cristo Rey. Later in life, that I am may be followed by your career or hobby in life.  The key is to let your I Am evolve. Grow into your I Am. Own your I Am. Let the discovery of your I Am be messy with failures, BUT be full of joy. Let your I Am cause you to take risks that stretch you and expose you to moments that will forever change you. The sometime messiness of your I Am is preparing you for what and who God envisioned you to be. 

God is intentional about being with you on your I Am journey. He will never leave you if at moments you pull away from him. 

I Am…a former hospital administrator 

I Am….a reader, lover of music, and serious Wonder Woman fan AND now an archery student 

I Am….a lover of culture and adventure

I Am…a wanderlust foodie

I Am…loved by God. A God that brought me here. A God that stepped into this moment with me… I do not know how I ended up here on a beautifully messy journey, but with God’s love. 

I Am….standing in front of you as the Campus Minister of Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School. 

I Am…intentional 

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