The 8% Revisited


We are approaching the home stretch of 2017. Most of us are beginning to reflect on resolutions we have made and did not achieve.  We should be honest with ourselves, we typically do not always reflect on the positives and making a new list of resolutions.

A few years ago, I made a list of four things I was determined to achieve. As opposed to thinking of last year’s resolution of being Intentional, I wanted to revisit the ones I had set a few years ago. These things take time, you know. As a reminder to myself, I dusted them off to see if I became apart of the 8%, or had I fallen short and remained in the 92% of people that do not achieve their resolutions.

I declared 2016 as the year of ‘Getting Around to It’. Here were my resolutions:

  1. Do what brings me joy!
  2. Do what is scary…(takes me out of my comfort zone)
  3. Saying ‘No’ isn’t a bad word…it’s necessary!
  4. Seek the Spirit of Ellie…cause she’s a BADASS!!!!

What I am most thankful for is that little by little these resolutions have become apart of the fabric of who I am in a very intentional way.

Before I die, I have a few things to get off my personal bucket list.  I can only get there by revisiting my 8% every now and then.




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