The “Tully” Effect

The following post is from a movie blog that Dion and I write called “Popcorn Reals: Metzger, Morton, and the Movies.”    
We must ALL be an another woman’s Tully at some point.  

Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman once again take the realities of womanhood, and adds such beauty to it in a way that makes you feel less alone in your walk as a woman. They did it with you “Juno” and now “Tully”.
“Tully” removes the shame and loneliness that is a common thread in the story of all woman at various points in our lives, and tells the story with such truth that every woman can relate. This film should make men pay attention that sometimes you must play the supporting role in our lives and not a bystander.
There are times we want to scream, there are times we want to cry uncontrollably, there are times we feel we are totally killing it despite being exhausted. There are times we feel a need to break free and reminisce on a chapter of our life that once was.
Marlo (played by Theron) and Tully (played by Davis) help us end one chapter of our lives by understanding the journey we have been on leads us to embrace the one that is waiting to be written. The chapter we are finishing is the one the made us into the women we are today. Love her, honor her, care for her, and let her spirit stay with you because you will need her at times. And it is okay because it’s all working out.
“Tully” is a must-see for EVERYONE. We are all in this together. The sooner we realize it, the better we will all be.
nurse - tully
This week, we were joined by Alexis Johnson as a guest reviewer(We told her during the film that she had to also write a review.)
It was nice to see the perspective of motherhood and the complexities of being a multi-comma woman. The reality of your current adult life and the memories of your 20s at times collide in “Tully”, and the struggle to bring the livelihood of your 20s to your adult life proves to be difficult.
“Tully” reminds us of the importance of self care for mothers and the need for fathers to rise to the occasion and recognize the signs of serious mental health. Although “Tully” appears to have gotten her “spunk” back in various scenes of the movie, viewers soon realize that her “spunk” is her way of dealing with the stress of motherhood and feeds her desire for freedom temporarily.
TULLY - Official Teaser Trailer - In Theaters April 20
From the desk of Dr. Metzger: 
Marlo is me (sans the lazy husband).  In our “Popcorn Reals” review history, this film hit closest to home for me.  I cried and Lauren didn’t…nuff said. Charlize Theron killed it, and salute to any actress who will gain 50 pounds for a role after the age 30.  That is dedication.
PS: This is being added to my “Movies with a Twist” Hall of Fame.  
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Director:  Jason Reitman

Starring:  Charlize TheronMackenzie DavisRon Livingston

Runtime: 1 hr, 35 mins


Where we recommend you should watch it? 

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