AdventureThe hashtag has become synonymous with a weekly terrorist attack, police shooting, or social media debate.  Let’s be honest, we are tired of the hashtag.  I am tired of the hashtag.  Please allow me to clarify, I am tired of what is behind the hashtag.   It would be naïve of me to think that evil and attacking each other constantly began a few years ago.  It would be naïve of me to think that everyone was raised in a family that was taught to accept those that are different from you, or that you seek to understand others even if you don’t agree with them.  The hashtag has become society’s way to process it all or debate it all. Read More

The Light Switch

imageMy Dearest,

It was a beautiful and loving relationship. We were deeply committed to each other. A deep commitment. Read More

A note from her expecting child…

From a special guest-

Dear Mom,

What’s your secret?!?  How did you manage to love me, nurture me, and teach me when your heart was heavy; when the storms of life were too much to bear?  How did you pay for food, water, shelter and school trips, Girl Scout experiences, frilly dresses and those Guess jeans I just had to have when you weren’t getting any help?  How did you stay strong for so long?  How did you do it?!?  All that I am and all that I become I owe to you – every degree, accolade, kudos and honor is all YOURS!  You did damn well! 
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A collective note of thanks…

To Our Dear Mom,

We had a hard time finding the right words to write about our moms.  We aren’t quite sure this will suffice, but as your sons and daughters this is our best attempt.  Here we go… Read More

The “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” Cry Club


When I started this blog, the promise I made to myself was: 1) post when I have something to say and 2) be authentic.  I have something else to say…

There is a special club that some people belong to, and our membership comes from various backgrounds.  I will explain later why am I calling it The Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Cry Club.  Let me tell you a little bit about this club… Read More

Part I: Do you really know who you are?

For my 35th birthday, my mother and I went to the Story Corps booth in Atlanta.  Prior to going in the booth, your facilitator has participants complete a demographic sheet that tells a little bit about the interviewer and interviewee, and it helps guide the discussion.  The interview is cataloged in the Library of Congress, and various museums and centers based on your demographic profiles.  My mother checked the African-American and Latino box, and I checked the African-American only.  As she looked over my sheet, she paused and said “That’s interesting that you wouldn’t also check the Latino box.”  It was one of those comments that made me pause and think, “Who am I?”  Read More

“If you’re happy and you know it…”

We are going to play a quick game.  Raise your hand if you could quit your job tomorrow, you would.  If you are reading this from a smartphone…raising a finger will suffice. Which one you raise is between you and the smartphone. If you raised your hand, Congratulations!  You are in the club with 70% of people who hate their jobs. A 2013 study conducted by Gallup, found that 70% of American workers were unsatisfied with their jobs.  Regardless of income level, education level, marital status people, or industry… people are unhappy at work.
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Kindergarten in Bongoland

Yo estoy en jardín de infancia y tengo 35 años.

There is one thing that is true… I am bit of an overachiever. I decided to spend my vacation taking a full language immersion program. Six hours a day of nothing but hearing, speaking, and reading in Spanish. What I thought would be just nine days of language immersion leaving with full fluency. (I said that I was an overachiever. It would also appear that I’m unrealistic.) The trip turned into nine days of an adventure in Samara, Costa Rica in a place we will now call Bongoland. Read More

The 8%

In the midst of holiday partying, holiday shopping, holiday cocktails, and LOTS of holiday TV specials…we have the indulgent brownie, and have that holiday party hangover that reminds us that we aren’t 20 anymore.  We resolve that when the clock strikes midnight to welcome the New  Year, we will make a list of resolutions in our head, on paper, in journals that we are going to lose that 20 pounds, spend less and save more, get organized.  We post on our social media, “NEW YEAR, NEW ME!”. Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to deliver the bad news.  We won’t.  Quite frankly, humanity sucks at resolutions.  Only 8% of us succeed.  8%!!!! On the school grading scale, that’s a failing grade.  We suck year after year. Read More